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Our Group at the USS Hornet

Our Group at the USS Hornet

Ben Hall East Coast Investigator

Ben Hall East Coast Investigator

Daryl Garmon technical guy and Rebecca Lead Investigator

Daryl Garmon technical guy and Rebecca Lead Investigator

EVP aboard the USS Hornet 2012


Investigation in Orangevale, CA

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Our investigation

7am Briefing- As we all met with the clients, I took a walk through of the home.

Greg and Paula provided us with delicious goodies of a meat tray with cheese and crackers, a fruit tray and a veggie tray with some bottled water on the side. They were very warm and welcoming!

Psychic Readings of the case: Rhonda had felt as if someone had been pulling down paintings off the walls. Where she had pointed was in fact were some streamer were pulled down by something unseen. Also pictures on the walls have been known to come off the wall. I had picked up a presence of a child and a woman who I describe to be small, thin women with dark hair and very soft spoken. The woman also had a birthmark as well. The women seemed to be a family member.

Paula did confirm that the woman was her aunt who had passed away. They were very close. The aunt had passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning and Paula believes that her aunt saved their lives. They had planned to have a family reunion at the aunt’s house but Paula’s aunt had told them to wait a day to come down to see her. If they would have left earlier to visit her, they too would have been victims to the carbon monoxide poisoning. Avery sad story indeed, I personally believe that her aunt is still visiting when they are in the time of need and I truly believe she had been visiting us to let Paula know that she is still there with her in spirit.

Took new investigators Daryl and Rebecca and showed them how to do EMF readings of the home. We found the in the first room to the right were the client had felt a negative presence, there was the electrical box behind the door that gave readings of 11.5 milligause which is well above normal. There was also high readings in the bedroom to the right above the bed and in the bathroom in the hall way.

Rhonda, Ben, Rebecca and Paula went to the back bedrooms first while Daryl, Regina, Greg and I went outside for 25 minutes as to not contaminate the evidence contained by the first group.

Rhonda’s Report- There was some flash light communication along with the frank box that had repeated the name “David” 10 times while asking questions. They also got a K2 hit while asking direct question.

Regina, Daryl, Judy and Greg’s Report- We first investigated the back room to the right. We kept getting a few K2 hits of 2 milligause. Nothing else seemed to occur for 10 minutes so Daryl and I decided to stay in the room while Regina and Greg went into the other bedroom. Paula and Greg had informed us that while taking pictures in the room, a few weeks ago, they caught some strange orbs on their camera and caught a face on the closet door. They were compelled to investigate this area. Meanwhile Daryl and I investigated asking the spirit to communicate. We did not feel we got any valid evidence but we did have our own personal experience. In the corner of the room by the door both Daryl and I saw a small child facing the wall. She had a long white dress on but would not face us. Perhaps it was our eyes playing tricks on us but it was weird. We then decided to leave the room because it did not seem this “spirit” wanted to communicate with us. So walk walked out quietly of the room and went into the kitchen for a snack.

Regina and Greg- While Greg was sitting on the bed and Regina was standing by the closet door. They heard my voice laughing. Daryl and I were not laughing. Then on the video and the recorder Regina picked up a voice after Greg had asked a question. Greg had asked if the “ghost” wanted to model for the camera. Then you hear a voice say “Do it” It sounds like a female voice but according to Regina and Greg they were not talking and the camera was facing in Greg’s direction. Greg asked if the spirit is the one that he saw on the closet door. It seems that the presence was standing by Regina who was in fact standing right by the closet. After investigating this room Regina and Greg walk out and hear voices in the room Daryl and I had just been in. They both thought that we were still in the room but we were in the kitchen. So as Daryl and I are in the kitchen they check in with us and then go back into the room that they thought we were in. As they began their investigation in this room Regina picked up 2 light anomalies on the video. No one had moved so it was not dust particle. We are unsure of what these lights were.

After this part of the investigation we had a briefing with the all the team. Then we did a group investigation in the living room. We set up the laser grid, K2’s, Recorders and several other devises. Rhonda and Paula had heard the sound of Bells. On the Frank box we asked who we were speaking with and the name “Scott” and the name “David” had come up. Scott was a friend of the family who had passed away a few years ago. David is an unknown spirit that Paula and Greg believe may be a visitor of their home.

If anyone knows any information on Fortuna Street in Orangevale, we believe that at one point there might have been a restaurant on the property. We would like to validate if there was a fire or something that might have happened previously on that property. If there was, that may be the reason for the activity other than friends and loved ones of the families.